We are extremely pleased to inform you that one or more of your entries have been chosen for inclusion in the 9th Annual "Figurative" Art Exhibition. Thank you for participating as it ensured a diverse variety of artistic styles and media to include in the exhibition. 

The exhibition opens on April 1st 2019 ...Emails with the award certificates, award ribbons, press releases and other marketing materials will be sent out no later than the 10th of the month. 

Hopefully, in the future you will continue to be a regular visitor to and that you will consider entering more art competitions in the future. 

Again, thank you so much for being a part of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery! 

C.D. Hoffman 
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

There are no pretty faces...or even smiling ones

The faces that in charcoal,gnarled,tortuous,brutish and shorn.of beauty

Resistance...October 2018
Resistance...October 2018

Stray Dogs ( Film and Music from Ataman Edirne)

 Dogs are everywhere, literally on every street and in every corner.

Sad, happy, fearful, insecure, but friendly with love.

Dogs From Cuba,Turkey,Macedonia streets..etc

"Trespassing" 2016

Have you ever seen a "No trespassing" sign? If so, you probably know it means "Keep out" and that trespassing is to go somewhere unlawfully.

40x25 cm

Acryl on Paper




Ataman Edirne

Frankfurt am Main

 +49 15 77 41 95 250